Shenzhen Imagin Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Imagin Technology Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of quality industrial jewelry equipment. We are committed to improve the quality of products and services by providing high quality and cost-effective products that meet the needs of our customers. We specialize in gold chain knitting machine, gold chain welding machine, jewelry laser welding machine and fiber laser marking machine etc. Our products are widely used in jewelry industry and and so on. With the rich experience in designing and production, our products are sold worldwide. Due to the stable quality and low maintenance, we have gained consistent high praise from customers.

IMAGIN always stands in the customer’s point of view to think about the problem, anxious about what the customer is anxious about. Our machines exports to USA, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, UK, Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, France, Spain, Estonia, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Australia, India, Thailand, Berlin, Hungry, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Egypt etc.At the same time, we also provide OEM service. If you wish products with your own brand, if you need a more personalized type machine. The OEM service could provide you wonderful experience. We wish to establish long business cooperation relationship with you!

Development History





Entering the chain loom Market in early 2010

In 2015, it entered the laser industry and integrated laser technology

In 2017, it was renamed image technology

So far, it has excellent sales and technical teams at home and abroad